Dear Sport Fans,

Olympic Hopes competition closes in. First starts will be already on Friday 13th September. We make everything to make competitors and fans feel comfortable. Direct on target will be widescreen display, which will transpit images of each race. We also provide live stream via internet from Bratislava for fans and parents who could not attend. All races will be also archived in YouTube.

Boris Bergendi, Director of OC


Preliminary Entry Form

      Dear Friends, for Olympic Hopes 2019 in Bratislava (13th September 2019 - 15th September 2019), Preliminary Entry Form is now open.
      When you fill Preliminary Entry Form, you will receive credentials (login and password) for Nominal Entry. Nominal Entry will be opened in the beginning of August and you will be able to add your competitors to the event.
      For more information please see Bulletin, or contact Zora Hujsová at +421 907 987 928 or hujsova@canoe.sk.


# Country
1 Argentina
2 Austria
3 Belgium
4 Bulgaria
5 Canada
6 Croatia
7 Estonia
8 France
9 Georgia
10 Hungary
11 Italy
12 Japan
13 Lithuania
14 Netherlands
15 Poland
16 Slovenia
17 South Africa
18 Sweden
19 Switzerland
20 Ukraine
21 United Kingdom
22 United States of America